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Ficha de la Empresa

Institut Català DInvestigació Química ICIQ

Científica,Investigación y Desarrollo

Av. Països Catalans 16 – 43007 Tarragona
Tarragona (Cataluña) 43007 ESPAÑA


The Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia is a foundation created in 2000 by the Government of Catalonia and it started its research activities in 2004. Since its creation, ICIQ aimed at becoming a centre of excellence, an internationally recognised leading institution in the field of chemistry committed with performing research at the frontiers of knowledge. But ICIQ also has two other objectives: Knowledge and technology transfer to the chemical, pharmaceutical and energy industrial sectors and that of training the future generation of scientists by offering high-quality educational programmes to master and PhD students and postdoctoral researchers as well.

Our mission is to lead, from the vantage point of molecular science, cross-strategies for solving major social and economic challenges, thereby contributing to the establishment of a knowledge-based economy and improving citizens’ quality of life. And we’re achieving this by conducting top quality research on two main areas: Catalysis and Renewable Energies.

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